Makoola Hangtag - those who inspire us are the ones we love the most

The idea of MAKOOLA has come up in the heads of two mothers and a father , totally infatuated with their kids and fashion. We decided to put our best effort into creating clothing brand, which we would like to present our children and be proud of it. Our goal is to walk our own way by doing everything to develop an authentic, honest    and natural brand ; the same as the special ones we sew for.We are inspired by the originality of our children, their imagination and uninhibited courage in experiencing new things and the willingness for crazy fun. We often ask for their advice and we also derive a lot of ideas from them so that our clothes give kids a lot of joy

As for the fact that we care for the comfort of children, our clothes are made of the highest quality of cotton knits, safe for kids and exclusively in cooperation with Polish producers and sewing contractors. We want to support local companies from the branch and we are proud that MAKOOLA clothes are 100% made in Poland in accordance with “fair trade” rules.

During the creation of every collection, we pay attention to the best quality fabrics, unique style of designs and comfort, and we combine all of these features with the things that distinguish us from the others – original overprints , carefully thought out finishing, a mixture of simplicity with a pinch of childlike craziness. We want our clothes to put a smile on both kids and adults’ faces, and to enable every child to look and feel wonderful.