1. Store operating at the www.makoola.com address, hereinafter referred to as the Store, conducts selling merchandise through Internet. The condition to place an order is completing the purchase form by the Customer and accepting contained in these regulations conditions and delivery costs.
  2. The buyer of goods that are offered in the Store, is an adult user that has made an order or a firm (“Customer”).
  3. The owner of the www.makoola.com Internet Store is IntuiBase Paweł Filipczak, address: ul. Raszyńska 12/1, 76-200 Słupsk, POLAND, TAXID/VAT NR: PL839-255-36-94.

2.   OFFER

  1. The prices of the items in the Store are the gross product value. The provided costs do not include shipping, which is calculated when submitting an order.
  2. Goods offered are factory new.
  3. Quantity and type of the goods presented in the Store vary and are constantly updated. Store reserves the right to change prices of the goods in the offer. The price binding for the Customer is the price given at the time of the order.
  4. Quantity of the goods with possible promotion in the Store is limited. Their sell is fulfilled based on the order of purchases confirmed by the Store while stocks last.
  5. The Owner of the Store may sell an article at a promotional price, may also as a promotion send an article without any delivery costs.
  6. The Store strives to present photos and descriptions of goods in line with their actual characteristics. Please note that the Store reserves the right to alter minor details of the products we provide in the interest of maintaining product quality and design integrity.
  7. All the material placed on the page (photos, texts, graphic materials) are owned by IntuiBase Paweł Filipczak or cooperating firms. Any use without the consent of the owner of the site is prohibited.


  1. The condition to make a purchase is the correct order. A contract is considered valid and binding if the order form has been properly filled out by the Customer and sent to the store using the Internet and the Store page.
  2. The selection of items for the order are selected by placing them in the cart.
  3. In the cart the Customer also:
  1. gives address and contact details along with shipping address, with all the details for issue the invoice
  2. gives e-mail address on which the order confirmation should be send
  3. chooses shipping method
  1.  After placing an order the Customer receives an e-mail confirming the order and all the details concerning payment.
  2. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday and on holidays will be registered on the first working day that follows.
  3. In case there are any inconsistencies in the e-mail confirming the order, the Customer may contact the Store by sending an e-mail to info@makoola.com, stating the order number in the message topic.
  4. The Store may contact the Customer by phone or e-mail about the order.
  5. The Store reserves the right to:
  1. refuse the order, which will include incomplete data, in particular those which are necessary to confirm proper performance of the contract,
  2. refuse a doubtful order.
  1.    Changes in the order the Customer can enter only before it is sent.
  2. The order will be delivered to the address stated by the Customer when placing the   order.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, in the absence of the goods, the Customer will be notified immediately and asked to make a decision as to the further performance of the contract. The customer can cancel the whole order, to agree to a partial execution of the contract or to extend the term of delivery.


  1. The Customer can choose from the following payment options on the website:
    a) online payment with PayPal.
    b) money transfer to the bank account specified by the Store when ordering and an e-mail confirming your order.
    Transfers should be sent to:
    Account number: 69 1140 2004 0000 3502 7665 2770
    Sort code: 11402004
    IBAN: PL69 1140 2004 0000 3502 7665 2770
    In the transfer title please state your order number.
  2. The Store does not offer a cash on delivery option for orders.


  1. Performance of the contract begins after receipt of funds in the Store’s bank account. With placing the order the Customer agrees to receive electronic invoice.
  2. Orders that are not paid within 7 calendar days from the date of submission will be considered out of date and will not be realised unless negotiated individually between the Customer and Store the parties agree otherwise.
  3. Purchased goods with your choice of delivery type is shipped within 5 days after payment is registered on the Store’s account.
  4. After the order has been shipped the delivery time is:
    a) Poczta Polska (Shipments to Poland): up to 3 working days
    b) Poczta Polska (Shipments to Europe): up to 10 working days
    c)  Poczta Polska (Shipments outside Europe): up to 20 working days
  5. Shipping costs shall be covered by the Customer.
  6. The Customer is solely responsible for any tax/duties, which arise from importing goods or otherwise.
  7. Changes in shipment, cancellation of the order can be made according to the rules in this terms and conditions document and can be made by sending an email to info@makoola.com
  8. The Customer can cancel an order by sending an e-mail to info@makoola.com. The customer may not cancel an order that has been shipped. (The Customer received e-mail confirmation of the shipment).
  9. If items, that have been ordered are out of stock and cannot be restocked, the Store will contact the Customer by sending an e-mail or making a phone call. Potential solutions to this problem can be presented by the Store: choosing a replacement for the out of stock items, dividing up the order or partial or full cancellation of the order.
  10. If the Customer does not agree to proceed with the order containing replacement products, the order will be cancelled partially or in full, depending on what the Customer decides.
  11. Regardless of the facts stated above, the Store has the right to cancel the order if it cannot be fulfilled within 30 days of placing it. When an order is cancelled because of such a situation, the Store will immediately return the money for the order to the Customer.


  1. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract within 14 days without giving any reason. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must notify its decision to the Store by an unequivocal statement, eg. by sending a form of return (download here) to the following address: MAKOOLA, ul. Fahrenheita 6/2, 80-214 Gdańsk, Poland; or by sending  a form of return by an e-mail to info@makoola.com
  2. The Store guarantees the right to return goods without giving any reason within 14  days from the date of delivery, provided that the goods were not used, nor were    destroyed or damaged. Important: tags, pendants and other markings goods can  not be in any way affected. In case of using the goods in the way that goes beyond the existing in the stationary store possibility of trying on the goods, the Customer is responsible for the decrease of the goods value.
  3. Goods should be returned within 14 days from the date of notifying the Store about withdrawal from the sales contract to the address Store marked “RETURN”. For shipment must be accompanied by proof of purchase (invoice) and a form of return (download here) containing data of the bank account to which the Store should return the money.
  4. Returned merchandise should be sent by registered mail or by the courier to:
    Fahrenheita 6/2
    80-214 Gdańsk
    With the annotation „RETURN”.
    Client should hold the sending receipt.
  5. The cost of the return shipment is covered by the Customer.
  6. Within 14 days of receipt of goods Store returns the Customer the amount paid (gross product value) indicated on the document of purchase, transfer to the designated bank account of the the Customer.
  7. The Store has the right to withhold reimbursement payments until receipt of the returned product or until supplied evidence of its return.
  8. The Store does not accept COD shipments.
  9. In the case of exchange of goods, not used goods, with no affected tags, pendants and other markings goods; with proof of purchase (invoice) and a completed return / exchange form (download here) must be returned to the address of the Store marked “EXCHANGE”. At the exchange of goods the Customer has 14 days from the date of delivery.
  10. The cost of the return shipment is covered by the Customer.


  1. In case of complaint of the goods, merchandise, along with proof of purchase (invoice) and a completed complaint form (download here) must be returned at Customer’s own expense to address of the Store: MAKOOLA, ul. Fahrenheita 6/2, 80-214 Gdańsk, Poland; marked “COMPLAINT”. The complaint form must be also send on e-mail address info@makoola.com
  2. Mechanical damage caused by the fault of utilising the purchased product is not a subject to complaint.
  3. The Store will investigate the complaint within 14 days of receiving it and will inform the Customer on the results and next steps.
  4. Every effort has been made to show the product colours as accurately as possible. The Store cannot accept responsibility for any variation in colour caused by the computer system used by the Customer.
  5. In situations where the complaint is approved, the Store will exchange the faulty item or remove the fault in it. In such a situation, the Customer does not have the right to demand a discount or a cancellation of the order. In the case where an exchange, reparation or partial refund of the good is not possible the Store will refund the Customer in full. The costs of delivery of a new or a defect-free goods shall be covered by the Store.
  6. In case when the complaint will not be considered by the Store justified, the goods will be returned to the Customer along with the opinion about the unjustified complaint.


  1. By placing an order in the Store, the Customer consents to the use and processing by the store personal data given in the order form to the extent necessary to perform the contract and the registration purposes, in accordance with the European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 from 27th April 2016.
  2. In case of signing up for the Store’s newsletter the Customer agrees that Customer’s personal data are also processed for marketing of the Store’s products and services and the Customer accepts receiving information electronically from the Store.
  3. Every customer is guaranteed the right to access and correct their personal data may also turn for deletion from the list of customers. The Store undertakes not to share any personal data of its customers, both address data and e-mail addresses for purposes unrelated to the performance of the contract.
  4. The processed data of the Customers includes: Name, surname, e-mail, address, phone number.
  5. To make it easier for handling complaints, the Customer should at least state the following personal data: name, surname, street, street number, flat number, phone number and e-mail address.
  6. The Store also processes data such as the IP address of the Customer for technical reasons.
  7. Giving out the personal data is optional, however required in order to fulfill the service and to finalize the sales agreement.
  8. Cookies are being used by the Store in conditions that are described in the cookie politics file.


  1. Matters that are not regulated by this document are the subject of Polish law, in particular the Consumer Rights act from 24th of June 2014 (Dz.U. z 2014, poz. 827), the Civic Code act from 23rd of April 1964 (Dz. U. z 2014 r. poz. 121 z późn. zm.).
  2. Potential conflicts by the Customer, which is not a Consumer and the Store will be settled by court based on the location of the Store.
  3. This Document refers to orders placed after the 10th of July 2017.
  4. The Store reserves the right for maintenances, during which the website could be offline. This will however not influence any placed orders.
  5. The Customer confirms that the personal data stated are correct and true. If the Customer has changed any of the personal data, information to the Store should be sent.
  6. The Store may change the Terms and Conditions document. The changes will come into effect 14 days after information that the document has been changed is provided on the Store’s website. The Store must also inform the Customers by sending them an email. The changes in this document will not apply to orders placed before the changes were made.
  7. All the information about the goods presented on the Store’s website shall not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
  8. The availability of information on the goods on the Store’s website does not mean the goods are available on stock and does not mean the goods are available for order. The Customer will be informed about the selected goods unavailability before placing the order.
  9. All names of the items offered by the Store are used for identification and may be protected and copyrighted.
  10. Opinions and questions on the presentation of products and orders can be sent to the email address: info@makoola.com.